Jeny Elkind

Hi there :) I'm Jeny Elkind. Digital Couturier, Web/Media/UI Designer, Front End Developer, Entrepreneur based in Tel Aviv

The collaborative process of web development requires close integration of technology and design - two disciplines that inform one another.

About Me

Hi there. I'm Jeny Elkind. Digital Couturier, Web/Media/UI Designer, Front End Developer, Entrepreneur based in Tel Aviv.

My interests include cognitive psychology, web coding, and graphic design. I attempt to understand and produce user experiences that are engaging and visually elegant.

I am a qualified multimedia designer, specializing in interface and information design, concept development and brand identity.

I have broad market-specific commercial experience, allowing to me understand the role of technology in a modern business and communicate in an intelligible and user-friendly language.


I believe that the best user interfaces strive for simplicity.

I am obsessed with beautiful digital experiences and i put the user at the center of everything i make.

What I do

I make hip and exciting web sites. Big and Small. Concept development, interaction design, interface design, production management, strategic planning, usability testing.

My process draws upon the strengths of multiple disciplines. Each engagement follows a generic path across four phases of development. I simplify the way people use digital information. I plan, design and produce websites, employee intranets, branded interfaces, mobile applications and other products that connect people and technology. I make the end product valuable and enjoyable for the end user.

Everyone is happy

My expertise spans user research, Internet strategy and interaction design. My pragmatic (and somewhat novel) belief that technology must work for people helps us produce tools that create positive feelings between my clients and their customers. Which, in turn, creates positive feelings between my clients and me. Everyone is happy.


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